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Aleksander Smywinski-Pohl profile image
  • Aleksander Smywiński-Pohl
  • Teacher and researcher at AGH University of Science and Technology
  • Research topics:
    information extraction, legal systems, question answering, text classification
  • Teaching topics:
    natural language processing, artificial intelligence
  • PhD:
    extraction of semantic relations from text, 2015
  • Research grants (PI and Co-PI):
    NCBiR Pollux grant 2023-2025, ExAILe, Examples based AI Legal Guidance
    NCBiR Lider grant 2017-2020, Lemkin - intelligent legal information system
Krzysztof Wrobel profile image
  • Krzysztof Wróbel
  • Teacher and researcher at Jagiellonian University
  • Research topics:
    morphosyntactic tagging, text classification, text tagging
  • Participant and winner of many PolEval tasks:
    2017 & 2020 morphosyntactic tagging
    2021 punctuation restoration from text
    2021 evaluation of translation quality
  • Creator of two popular open-source Polish taggers: KRNNT, KFTT
  • Creator of (at time of submission) SOTA language model for Klej benchmark
  • Contributor in an open-source Speakleash project
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